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Air System Upgrades To Improve Your Car's Performance

When you're looking for ways to boost the performance and horsepower ratings of your car, you need to improve the airflow. When you improve the airflow into the engine and through the exhaust, you'll enhance the power. Here are a couple of things to consider investing in to help give your car a boost.

Switch It To Cold Air

Buy a cold air intake system for your engine. The air that's drawn into the engine is a key component of the combustion process. The colder the air, the faster it flows. This enhances the efficiency of your engine and may even give you a boost in power. These units are affordable, but should typically be professionally installed unless you have done them before. Talk with your mechanic about the installation before you try to do it on your own.

Increase Flow

While you might be tempted to remove the catalytic converter completely to add some power to your engine, the truth is that you'll need to leave it intact for your car to be street-legal. Most states require it as part of the emissions standards. Remember the catalytic converter is a key component for drawing contaminants out of the car's exhaust. Unfortunately, that filtration slows the exhaust flow, which robs your car of some power.

Investing in a high-flow catalytic converter will increase the flow through the engine, allowing you the benefit of that filtration and compliance with local laws while also adding some power back to your engine. High-flow converters paired with other performance components can make a significant difference in your engine's response.

Enhance The Exhaust

In addition to improving the air coming in and reducing drag on the exhaust going out, you should also think about upgrading your entire exhaust system to a performance design. Since the exhaust system is part of the air flow that contributes power to your engine, consider investing in performance pipes. Performance exhaust pipes are larger in diameter. That allows more airflow through the pipes. This will help your car's engine breathe, naturally improving combustion and enhancing power.

As you can see, there are several ways that you can improve the engine response in your car without having to invest in elaborate upgrades. Talk with a local auto repair mechanic, like one from Sterling Service Inc, today about which of these options may work best for your car and to find out how much power you can expect to see if you make the changes.