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4 Things To Do Before Reupholstering Your Classic Car

Reupholstering your classic car is definitely something you want to have done at some point. This is because classic cars that you purchase most likely have that "old" smell and tend to often have tears in the original upholstery making it unsightly and not very comfortable to drive around. Before you move forward with the reupholster project, however, you want to do these four things first:

  1. Test the AC and Heat: Before getting the reupholster done to your classic car, you want to test the heater and AC. The reason for this is that you want to be sure that there is no antifreeze leak in your vehicle once the upholster is done because it seriously damage all the new materials that it leaks on. When you are looking to purchase a new classic car, it's best to do this before you even finalize the purchase.
  2. Apply Weather Stripping: Adding weather stripping around the seals of the windows and doors is also important because upholstery is done because it will ensure that no rainy weather can damage the interior of the vehicle. If this isn't done, then you won't be able to drive your classic car in wet conditions nor park it outside ever.
  3. Test Electrical Components: Another thing to test would be the electrical components of the classic car. This is the best way to ensure that there is less risk of your classic car becoming damaged from fire. Plus, it can save you money since electrical issues will need to be fixed when you take the car in for a reupholster. The reason for this is that when the car is reupholstered, you may want some custom electrical features added, such as new interior lighting. If there are problems with the electrical components of the vehicle, it can cost a great deal more to have these custom features installed.
  4. Install New Hardware Yourself: If you want new hardware inside of the vehicle, including new door handles, rear-view mirror, and more, then it's best to purchase these items yourself and install them before taking the car in for a reupholster. Otherwise, it's going to cost a great deal more to have these small updates done. Besides, when the little pieces of hardware are updated beforehand, it ensures that the new reupholster is going to easily fit around and match with it.

When you know what four things to do before the reupholster of your classic car, you can be sure that you save yourself some money. When you are looking to purchase a classic car, all of the above should be kept in mind. Be sure the car is tested for certain issues before you make the purchase and save yourself some money by purchasing a classic car that already has new weather stripping and hardware. For more information, visit websites like autokentucky.com.