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5 Reasons Your Car May Not Be Accelerating

If your car is not accelerating as quickly as it should be, there are quite a few reasons this could be that you ought to know about. This way, you know when you need to take your vehicle in for repairs at your local auto repair shop. Here are five of the biggest reasons why this could be:

  1. The Emergency Brake is On: Before you come to the worse conclusions, be sure that you have turned the emergency brake off. Many people accidentally start to drive their vehicle without turning off the emergency brake. Most of the time, you will catch this problem right away, but if you haven't, then check before you come to the conclusion that your vehicle won't accelerate for another reason. 
  2. You are in Neutral: Another reason is because you tried pressing on the gas while your vehicle was in neutral, which is quite common for those driving automatic. When you are in neutral, the only time your vehicle will accelerate is if you are going downhill. 
  3. Electrical Problems: If you have outweighed the first two reasons your car may not be accelerating, then you should definitely take it into an auto repair shop. From here, it may be concluded that your vehicle is having electrical problems. When this happens, your car is not properly reading that it is safe to accelerate. Luckily, this is a quick fix that shouldn't be too expensive. 
  4. The Timing Belt Needs to be Replaced: Another problem could be that the timing belt needs to be replaced. If the timing belt is worn, your vehicle is going to accelerate slowly because there will be too much strain on it. 
  5. Low Fuel Pressure: Finally, the reason there could be a problem is because there is low fuel pressure. You will know this is the case because your car sputters when you try to accelerate or it doesn't accelerate at all. This is a quick fix because, most likely, the fuel pump just needs to be replaced. 

When you know these five reasons your car may not be accelerating, you will know what you need to do to get it fixed. Most likely, it's simply problems that you can resolve on your own. If not, then you can at least expect quick repairs at your local repair shop, so don't delay making an appointment right away when you know that you need it.