Understanding Automotive Brake Parts and Services

3 Signs That You Need New Brakes This Spring

Brakes are one of the most important components on your vehicle. They help ensure that your vehicle stops in a timely manner when you hit the brake pedal, which helps keep you safe on the road. Here are three signs that your brakes need to be changed and replaced soon.

#1 Grinding Metal

Over time, as your brake pads and rotors get worn down, the sound that your vehicle makes when you press on your brakes will change. As your brakes get worn down, the protective coating on the brake pad will be removed, resulting in bare metal on the brake pad. When the brake pad and the rotor come in contact with one another when you press on your brakes, this will result in a loud grinding sound. 

If you hear a grinding sound that makes you want to plug your ears when you step on your brakes, that is a major sign that your brakes have worn down to the point where they are not really safe anymore.

#2 Lack Of Response

When you hit on your brakes, you should immediately feel your vehicle respond. There should not be a lag of even a second between when you step on your brakes and when you feel your vehicle respond. Additionally, your vehicle should respond appropriately to the amount of pressure that you put on your brakes. For example, if you put on just a little bit of pressure, you should slowly start to stop. You shouldn't have to slam on your brakes to slow down just a little bit; if you have to slam on your brakes to gradually slow down, what are you going to do when you need to stop immediately? 

If your brakes are not responding correctly, the brake pads and rotor may need to be fixed, or there may be an issue with the brake line that needs to be addressed. This is an issue that requires immediate attention.

#3 Shaking When Braking

When you put on your brakes, your vehicle should slowly come to a stop or slow down. When you put on your brakes, you should not feel your entire vehicle shake as you attempt to slow down. When you vehicle your vehicle shake, it is because your rotors become worn down and the brake pad is jumping on the rotors when you try to slow down. This is often more obvious when you are trying to slow down at high speeds at first, but can become obvious when stopping at low speeds over time as well.

If you notice either of the three signs above, you need to have your brakes inspected so you know what needs to be replaced and when. Your brakes are vital in keeping your safe on the road and worn out brakes should never be ignored for the safety of everyone.