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Which Is Cheaper To Maintain: Gas Vs. Diesel

When trying to decide whether to purchase a gas or diesel engine, one of the factors you might want to consider is how much maintenance each requires. A gas truck and a diesel truck will require different levels of maintenance and this might effect your decision to purchase one or another.

Maintenance Costs: Gasoline Vs. Diesel

Diesel trucks have a more rigid construction and the lack of spark ignition can save money. They do not have spark plugs or distributors. Therefore, there is no need for an ignition tune-up. But in general, diesel trucks are more expensive than gas to repair or maintain. Fuel filter draining and oil changes are more expensive. However, major component replacement for gas and diesel engines are both very expensive. While the maintenance may be higher for diesel trucks, they cost less over time because of the lower fuel costs. 

There are some components on a diesel truck that must be replaced more often. The oil reservoir is larger for the diesel engine. The water separator and fuel filters need to be replaced more often. The intervals for servicing gasoline over diesel are longer, which can lead to lower costs overall. While parts are more difficult to find for diesel engines, finding a good supplier will allow you to overcome this problem. Also, there is no hard data regarding the higher cost of diesel trucks vs. gasoline. The difference in cost is based on estimates.

Reducing Maintenance Costs

You can reduce diesel truck repair and maintenance costs using several methods:

  • Develop a tire retreading program
  • Make sure all tires are balanced
  • Have alignment checked regularly
  • Check alignment after the truck has been towed
  • Install seal-type valve caps on all tires
  • Do not over-inflate or under-inflate tires

Make sure to also hire trained and experienced drivers who know not to rev the engine, who only operate the truck at the optimal operating temperature, that avoid idling whenever possible and that always drive at the most fuel-efficient speeds.

Work With A Great Diesel Truck Repair Company

In some cases you just need a diesel truck, such as when you are pulling a trailer across mountain ranges or across long distances. The good news is that if your diesel truck needs repairs, there are several highly professional companies that will perform these repairs for you. By doing business with a good diesel truck repair company, your fleet will have less downtime due to the lack of the availability of qualified technicians.