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Car AC Trouble Got You Sweating This Summer? Find Out What You Need To Know Now

There's something so convenient about having a nice chill space to slip into even when the weather is hot and you have to go somewhere. Yet, many drivers take the air conditioner in their car for granted until the day it stops working. Unfortunately, when the AC in your car goes out, it can make traveling around in the summer months look much less appealing than usual. Thankfully, most AC problems in a car are fairly easy to have repaired. Check out some of what you need to know about AC problems in a vehicle so you can get back to riding cool:

Why would a car's AC suddenly just stop blowing air at all?

If the car's AC unit is turned to the on position and is not blowing anything through the vents, whether it is hot air or cold, it is a good indicator that the blower motor to the unit has stopped working. The blower unit is what pushes air through the vents when you have the air or heat turned on and these components do sometimes fail. The best part is, having a blower unit replaced on a vehicle is a fairly straightforward process. 

What does it mean if the vents are blowing warm air instead of cold?

This is the most common car AC fail that vehicle owners tend to run into, especially with older model cars. This means that the refrigerant inside of your car's AC unit has leaked out somehow or is low, which is an easy fix most of the time. Take your vehicle to an auto service that specializes in AC repair and they will check the system for refrigerant leaks, seal off any leaks that are present, and then refuel the unit with refrigerant. 

How much does it cost if you have to have the car's AC system replaced?

The total replacement of an AC system in a vehicle can be rather expensive. Auto Trader reports that it can cost between $500 and $1,000 and sometimes even higher depending on the make and model of the vehicle. However, keep in mind that this involves replacing the entire compressor unit and the largest components, which usually is not necessary because it is most commonly smaller system components that fail. Most of the time, the main parts of the system can be reused and replacement parts can be refitted to those that are non-functional. 

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