Understanding Automotive Brake Parts and Services

Automotive Brakes And Transmission: 3 Tips For Auto Upgrades That Improve Handling And Safety

Modern cars have all the safety features that make them handle better and stay safe. Some of the features that are installed on cars are traction control or assisted braking. There are even parking sensors that alert drivers when they are too close to an object. Aftermarket upgrades to brakes and transmissions can allow you to add these features to older cars. Here are some of the upgrades to brakes and transmissions that will improve the handling and overall safety of your car:

1. Aftermarket Traction Control System for Better Handling

Traction control systems help to adjust the response of your engine and transmission to give you more tire grip. With an aftermarket traction control system, your car will perform better and handle better. The control module helps reduce tire slip, which causes a loss of control in certain road conditions. There are many different options for traction control systems from many different manufacturers.

2. Upgrading the Transmission Control Unit for Improved Performance and Handling

The transmission control unit is another computer module that you can replace on your car. The transmission controller helps provide smooth shifting to the transmission, which translates to better performance, as well as fuel savings. An aftermarket controller for your transmission can also provide you with different settings that you can adjust for certain driving conditions, which also help to make your car safer. The control unit for your transmission will allow you to set it for conditions when you want more performance or for fuel savings when you want to reduce fuel consumption.

3. Installing Aftermarket Parking Sensors and Braking Sensors for Urban Driving

Many of the hazards of driving are associated with parking and urban driving conditions. With aftermarket upgrades, you can avoid small accidents and expensive repairs in the auto body shop. You may want to consider installing upgrades like parking sensors that alert you when you come to close to objects behind or in-front of you. In addition, assisted braking systems can also help avoid these small accidents. To make your car even safer, consider adding video systems that help with parking or give you visibility in the blind spots of rear-view mirrors.

These are some of the brake and transmission upgrades that will help improve the safety and handling of your car. Contact an auto repair service, such as Huntington Beach Transmissions, for help with these improvements to make your car safer and handle better.