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RV Services You Must Do Before Hitting The Road

Maintenance and servicing are just as important for your RV as they are for your automobile, maybe more so, especially if you are going on a long-distance road trip. Whether you have a full-size RV or a pop-up, it is important to ensure your RV is running its best at all times. Although cleaning the RV is a necessity for comfort and aesthetics, it can't be driven if it isn't running properly. Here are a few of the RV services you should have done before hitting the road.

Inspect the Tires

There is nothing worse than being stuck in the middle of nowhere because you have a flat tire. Before you load the family in the RV, be sure to check the tire pressure and carefully inspect each tire for any damages. Driving even a short distance can put you, your family and others on the road in danger. So, if any of the tires have a slow leak or other signs of damage, be sure to take visit a mechanic or tire shop that offers RV services to get new tires put on.

Check the Fluids

Having clean oil and the appropriate amount of oil is important for any vehicle. Your RV relies on having good, clean oil to keep the motor running smoothly, so be sure to visit a shop that offers RV services to have the oil changed. It's also a good idea to have the oil filter changed at the same time you have the oil changed. While the RV is in to have the oil changed, be sure to have the mechanic check the other fluids and top them off if necessary. This is also a great time to have other things checked that can affect the safety of the RV, such as the belts, wipers and lights.

Check for Water Damage

Unfortunately, water leaks are common in some RVs, so before you hit the road be sure to carefully inspect the roof fans, doors and windows to make sure water hasn't infiltrated your RV. Finding potential leaks and water damage before you are on the road will help prevent mold and mildew from growing, which can cause a variety of health problems. Spending a lot of time in a closed-in environment, such as an RV with mold spores can make you sick, cutting your trip short, so it's best to have the RV inspected for leaks and water damage before you hit the road.

If you have a towable RV, they also need a variety of RV services. Two of the most important things to check on your towable RV are the tires and the connection. Bad tires and a poor hitch connection can be extremely dangerous, so make sure to double-check the tow hitch before driving and check all tires to ensure the pressure is correct and that there are no damages to the tread.