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Signs Of Transmission Issues In Used Cars

Purchasing a used car from a private owner means you have to be more vigilant about possible issues. When you are given a chance to test-drive the car, you will need to listen for specific issues to ensure the car is running and sounding as it should. One of the things that you should pay specific attention to is the transmission. Here are a few signs you would need to get transmission repairs for the used car you purchase.

Slow Shifting Response

When you shift gears while driving, the reaction from the transmission should be seamless. You should have little to no delay when you change gears. If you notice a large delay, it could be a sign of a transmission issue. The misconception is that this sort of issue comes with a grinding sound of some kind. Though those issues can be connected, they may not be present at the same time as the delay. This is why you should note the delay and whether the delay happens each shift or if it happens only once or twice.

Grinding Noises

Grinding is one of the leading ways that people realize there is a transmission repair issue with their used car. The grinding can sound like metal on metal and may first make someone think that the brakes have a problem or that another issue is occurring. The truth is, if you hear a grinding noise, you should note if it happens when you shift gears, when you accelerate, or when you are sitting idle at a stoplight. This information needs to be passed onto the repair technician, as it can help them focus on the transmission and related issues.

Leaking Fluids

When you see a car leaking fluids, you may first think it is an oil leak. Even the person selling you the used car may think the leak is oil or some other fluid. The truth is, if you see a leak that does not appear like dark fluid, it can be the transmission. The first thing to check is the transmission fluid level. If the level is low, it could be a sign that the leak and the low level are connected and that the transmission may be experiencing severe issues. 

If you are experiencing any of these transmission issues and you still want to purchase the used car, contact your local transmission repair technician. They can schedule an appointment and discuss your repair options. They can also discuss whether further repairs need to be made based on the diagnostics.