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Deciding When To Buy New Tires And What To Buy For Your Car

Tires are one of the most commonly worn-out items on a car or truck, and knowing when to replace them is essential. Buying the right tire at the right time is the best way to keep your vehicle safe and handled correctly as you drive it. The signs are there if you know what to watch for and take the time to check them regularly. 

Poor Handling

One of the first signs that something is going on with the tires on your car or truck is a sudden handling change. Often the car will not take turns as well as it used to or may wander side to side as you drive down a straight road, making it hard to keep the car going straight down the lane.

The most common cause of handling issues is the low air pressure in one or several tires. If you have tires that are low and there doesn't seem to have a reason, many tire dealers will take a look at them for you and see if there is a hole or other damage causing the tires to lose air. 

Driving on soft tires will wear the tread along the tire's edge quickly, so it is essential to adjust the pressure and have them checked as soon as you can. If the tires are already worn from driving on them without enough air, they may need replacing. Most tire dealers will be able to help you determine if that is the case. 

Uneven Wear

Another sign that the tires on the car are in need of replacing is severe uneven wear on the tread and sidewalls of the tires. In some cases, the wear results from something on the car that needs replacing, like a ball joint or tie rod, and it is best to have that work done before you replace the tires. 

Most tires dealers will be able to tell you what is causing the wear problem after inspecting the tires and the suspension of the car. Often, alignment issues cause a lot of wear issues, so if the tire shop has an alignment rack, they can check it for you. 

If all you need is an alignment, the shop can do the work, then replace the worn tires and get your car back on the road. Sometimes the alignment will reveal other issues, but the tech doing the work can explain these and recommend repairs to resolve them. Contact a tire service for more information.