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3 Windshield Issues Car Owners Face

The windshield is one of the fundamental safety features of a car. Without it, flying dirt, weather elements, and bugs would interrupt you as you drove. Therefore, you must be careful and vigilant to maintain it, just like you are with the other parts of your car. A clouded or cracked glass can cause serious trouble, so you must engage an auto glass repair expert if there is any damage to your windshield. They can examine the windshield to determine whether it needs repair or replacement. Below are some issues that can arise with your windshield.

Windshield Leak

It doesn't matter if you have seen a leak when washing your car or during a heavy downpour, windshield leak is not good news. Unfortunately, your windshield might develop a leak at whatever time, and it can go unnoticed for days, if not weeks. So, the first thing to do is to understand the cause. Windshield leaks can result from a broken rubber seal, poor windshield installation, or mold growth on the windshield seals and glass. If you realize that your windshield has rust, is discolored, or the vehicle has wet upholstery and carpet, contact an auto glass repair technician because you might be experiencing a leak in the windshield. 

Wavy Windshield Glass

Wavy windshields can distract a driver and possibly lead to an accident. When on the road, a driver needs good visibility out the front of the car, and the best way to guarantee that is by having your windshield checked. Keep in mind that poorly DIY installed windshield glass can totally affect your orientation as well as your vision. Have a car glass repair expert look at it during the day to inspect it and fix any issues. 

Pitted Glass

Pitting is a normal type of damage that occurs to windshields. It happens when debris hits a car when it is at high speed. Debris can be harsh and, with time, will wear down the windshield glass surface. You are most likely to experience this issue if your everyday commute entails driving through rough or poorly maintained roads. Glass pits must be checked immediately by an auto glass expert because they can disseminate light into your eyes and become a driving risk. 

There are many windshield issues that car owners face, from a wavy windshield to pitted glass. To repair the glass, you must understand the cause of the problem and have a licensed auto glass repairer examine it. They can determine whether your car needs a new windshield or repair the current one.

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