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What To Do When Your Vehicle Needs An Engine Rebuild

The engine in your car or truck will run a long time when you service it regularly and take care of it. However, the parts inside any automotive engine eventually wear, making engine repair necessary. If the engine wear is excessive, you may need to take the car to an automotive engine repair and have them rebuild the engine and replace the parts that are no longer doing their job.

Signs Of Engine Damage

Automotive engines have an internal rotating assembly that depends on bearings to keep everything working smoothly. The engine bearings and other moving parts develop heat from friction inside, and even with proper lubrication, they begin to loosen up and wear. 

Some of the most common signs that the engine has excessive wear inside are metal shavings in your oil, knocking noises from inside the engine, and smoke coming from the tailpipe when driving. All of these conditions can indicate problems that you need an engine repair shop to deal with. 

In some situations, if you catch the problem early enough, the engine repair shop may be able to make repairs that do not involve rebuilding the engine. However, if the damage is too severe, often the repairs will be more extensive. 

Engine Rebuilds

If the engine in your vehicle needs a rebuild, the engine will need to come out so it can be disassembled and cleaned inside and out. Once the engine block and parts are clean, a full inspection is done inside the engine to look for cracks or other damage to the components. 

Most engine repair shops will use new parts to rebuild your engine, but they will reuse the engine block and heads if they are in good shape. Replacing those components is often extremely expensive, but most of the time, they are still usable. 

Replacement Engines

If there is too much damage to the engine internals, you may want to buy a rebuilt engine already assembled and ready to go into your car. The repair shop will still need some of the parts from your old engine, like the starter, alternator, and other accessories, but the engine repair can be done quickly and get you back on the road. 

Purchasing a new engine from the dealer is also an option for some vehicles, but the cost of a new replacement engine that is complete and ready to install can be expensive. Talk to the tech working on your car to determine your best solution, and if engine repair is not possible, they may have some suggestions that can help reduce the cost of replacing the engine in your car or truck.  

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