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Dealing With A Cracked Or Broken Windsheild In Your Vehicle

The windshield in your car or truck will protect you and your passengers from the weather, road debris, and other things that could come through if it was not there. If you develop a chip or crack in the glass, you may need to hire a mobile windshield replacement service to fix it and ensure it can provide the protection you need when out on the open road.

Glass Damage

Some windshield damage is fixable if it is contained to a small area and is not deep enough to penetrate both the inside and outside of the glass. Widespread damage across the windshield glass that extends into the driver's view is more critical and often requires a mobile windshield replacement service to remove and replace the glass instead of repairing it. 

A glass shop can replace the windshield with a factory-approved replacement that meets the requirements of the manufacturer's warranty and the department of transportation standard that looks great in about an hour for most cars. If the vehicle is older, the glass shop may need to order the glass for you and install it in the shop or send a mobile unit to your home or workplace to make the repair. 

If you are unsure if you need a repair or if the glass needs replacing, the mobile windshield replacement service can meet you at your home or work to determine the extent of the damage and recommend the best course of action. If a repair is appropriate, the tech may be able to fix the glass while there, but a replacement will require an appointment because they will need to bring the new glass windshield for the replacement. 

Replacement Cost And Insurance Coverage

If you need a windshield replacement, the cost for the service is often the same when you select mobile windshield replacement or if you take the car to the glass shop. The glass replacement is the same amount of work, but there may be limitations like weather to consider when booking your repair. 

If you are depending on your insurance provider to cover the glass replacement cost, you should check with them and submit the estimate from the glass service before you book your glass replacement. Some insurance providers have higher deductibles for glass repair and replacement than standard repairs, so you should be prepared to pay for a portion of the work yourself.

The mobile windshield replacement service can submit the bill to the insurance and see what they will cover, but in most cases, the insurance company will tell you what is covered if you call them directly.