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Small Cracks Mean Big Problems For Windshields

Getting a small crack on a windshield could aggravate car owners who don't appreciate blemishes and other distracting scuffs. Others may not appreciate the crack's presence but do not see it as a severe problem, so they may let it go. Besides risking a traffic citation for driving around with a cracked windshield, the driver could put their safety at risk. Also, while the problem might not seem that bad at present, the potential exists for the cracked windshield to worsen. If the cracks worsen, the subsequent repairs might be more expensive, and the risks of driving with a damaged windshield may increase. 

Driving and Distractions

It could be dangerous to assume that a "minor" windshield crack is not dangerous. For one, its presence on the windshield creates a potential distraction risk. When a driver notices the damage from the corner of their eyes, attention might drift to that point on the windshield. If attention focuses on a crack in the windshield, the driver might lose concentration which is a risky situation even when the distraction is momentary. Having someone perform windshield repair work might reduce these risks by fixing the crack.

A Bigger Problem

A small crack in a windshield might become a worse problem when various factors cause the crack to expand. During summer months, the weather may tick upwards, and excessive heat might cause the crack to become more significant. The same could occur because of vibration generated while driving. The growing damage on the windshield does more than cause a bigger distraction. The crack might become so severe that the windshield requires immediate replacement. Fixing the crack may be a non-option in such situations. A complete replacement would cost more than a simple repair, so getting the repair work done without delay seems advisable.

No Minor Dings

A slight chip or crack might seem insignificant, but is that true? While not the same as a three-inch crack, a small chip still represents a flaw in the windshield. Remember, it is a flaw that could get worse and create more problems. Fixing the issue at the earliest stage may eliminate many woes that a small chip might cause.

A Professional Repair Job

A DIY windshield repair kit could be woefully inadequate to address cracked or otherwise damaged glass. A skilled and experienced professional may assess the problem and perform the appropriate fix. The repair job could have the cost-saving benefit of preventing a complete glass replacement.

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