Learn How to Have Your Car Repaired After an Ex Causes Damage to It in a Jealous Fit of Rage

There are times when people get so caught up in their emotions that they do things that they would not normally do. If someone you were dating thought that you were cheating on them, it may have caused them to act irrationally and cause damage to your vehicle. When this happens, it is important to do what you can to get the car repaired back to its original state as soon as you can. [Read More]

Driving On Date Night? Three Car Maintenance Tips That You Should Take Care Of Before Your First Night Out

It's probably fair to say you wouldn't put on dirty clothes and go out on a first date without showering — you have to do some self-maintenance first. Likewise, there's a bit of maintenance you should do on your car if you're going to be chauffeuring your date around all night. First impressions are important, from your hair to your shoes to your brake pads. Does It Smell Weird in Here? [Read More]

Use Small Winter Tires To Stay On The Road This Winter

Throughout winter, roads will be slick with snow and ice. While oversized wheels may look good throughout the rest of the year, it's a good idea to replace large custom tires with smaller winter tires during the cold months of the year. Not only will putting winter tires on your car protect your expensive custom tires from sand and salt, as you can store your nicer wheels for the winter, but putting winter tires on your car will also help you stay on the road this winter. [Read More]

Old Car Giving You Allergies? Clean Your Fuel System to Get Rid of Them

A number of people experience allergy problems when they drive new cars. The new car smell contains various chemicals that irritate the lungs, nasal passages and other respiratory tissues. But if you own an older car and experience allergy symptoms every time you drive it, you need to take action now. Your car could have problems with the fuel injection system that can make you ill. Get rid of your allergies and keep them away by cleaning your fuel system. [Read More]